Blog Rules

Here are the rules:

1. Expect to be offended.

2. I do not troll; I may be sarcastic or harsh at times, but I do not troll.

3a. Though you can expect me not to exercise it often, I do reserve the right to delete any comment as I choose. (Comments you can expect to be deleted include any troll phrase such as: “umad bro”, “tl;dr”, “cool story bro”, etc.)

3b. I’ve deleted and flagged over ten spam comments already. Anyone that advertises their product in my comment section without my explicit approval is deleted automatically and I hereby reserve the right to alert the appropriate authorities. If you comment with an email address I do not recognize, your comment(s) will be deleted and may well be flagged, depending on the content of your post. Commenting on my post in any language that is not explicitly English will be deleted. (For the record, I have no problem with fellow readers commenting on my writing itself. I created this blog not only to opine for myself but in hopes of writing better & more. So thanks to all of my fellow “Grammar Nazis”.)

4. If you think that because you have one thing or another makes you in any way better than someone else, allow me to remind you of my past: I’ve probably broken more sweat in my childhood than you probably broke in your entire life.

5. Enjoy your stay. That simple, really.

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the Humane Condition

Libertarianism. Capitalism. Anarchism. Freedom.

Philip Schuyler

I oppose people who feel, "I don't like it so you can't say it."

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